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AiriA empowers users to design custom environments for showcasing artwork and media.

Design custom galleries in AiriA and share videos of immersive experiences that showcase your artwork.

As a general-purpose design application for the creation of any premium 3D environment, AiriA is not only ideal for art businesses to showcase artwork but also will acquire additional use cases as widespread adoption accelerates.

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Art arrives in all forms.

As a general-purpose design application for the creation of any premium 3D environment, AiriA is not only ideal for art businesses to showcase artwork but also will acquire additional use cases as widespread adoption accelerates.

Use AiriA to reach a global audience. Increase the visibility of your artwork.

Visual and cognitive stimulation leads to genuine intrigue. At the intersection of advanced, custom lighting features with real-time daylight simulation, and next-generation reflection rendering, designers and artists have the tools at their fingertips to stage artwork in surreal settings that will be of interest to art collectors.

Let the world see your art.

Use AiriA to reach a global audience.

Art collectors enjoy viewing artwork within a delightful environment. AiriA provides vast libraries of hyperrealistic 3D assets – sofas, chairs, tables, pillows, carpets, toys, and much more. Any piece of furniture can be altered in material, color, and fabric in a single-click. AiriA also includes emissive materials for furniture looming in dark corners.

We’re just scratching the surface.

Layer in dozens of fabrics, paint colors, emissive materials, wood floorings, shades of glass as well as synthetic and organic materials with next-gen lighting sophistication, shaders, and a variety of track lights, dimmers, skylights, and halogens. The result is an opportunity for interior designers to be imaginative in new and profound ways.

Let’s talk about 3D assets.

With AiriA’s customization tools at hand, designers can create original 3D structures and objects using building blocks from Moduluc’s asset libraries to further manipulate reflections, glares, shines and other various forms of luminescence.

Muse and peruse.

Wander the hallways of AiriA galleries. Share immersive designs and exhibitions with loved ones, family, and friends. AiriA is growing into a global network of galleries that anyone, anytime can explore. From the smallest fabric on a sofa to the gentle ripples of a lily pond, examine the details as AiriA unlocks a new realm of realism and creativity for the adventurous designer.

Upgrade your AiriA to unlock rare venues.

More space and features enable the creation of more memorable experiences.

Tier 10 galleries cover 51,200 sqm. That’s over 500,000 sq ft. Only one hundred (100) Tier 10s will exist.

Tier 01 to Tier 10.

AiriA is a network of luxury digital properties in various sizes, each presenting an opportunity.

Tier 01
100 sq m (~1,100 sq ft)

Tier 01

A pleasant studio space, Tier 01 is for beginner artists and designers, hobbyists, and creatives who simply wish to try AiriA while displaying their personal creations within a fully customized, photorealistic scene.

Tier 02
200 sq m (~2,150 sq ft)

Tier 02

Charming and petite, Tier 02 is well-suited to showcase selected works of designers, artists, photographers and art collectors who require more space of a Tier 01. Let the sun shine in and create memorable environments around beautiful art.

Tier 03
400 sq m (~4,300 sq ft)

Tier 03

Tier 03 introduces an expanded space where guests can begin to wander. This delightful space is
appropriate for larger displays and captivating images by not only photographers, designers, and artists, but also small businesses and brands.

Tier 04
800 sq m (~8,600 sq ft)

Tier 04

Tier 04 is the largest one-story space within the AiriA network. Ideal for small events and exhibitions, professional artists and art collectors are able to display larger collections, giving them the opportunity to tell their full story.

Tier 05
1,600 sq m (~17,200 sq ft)

Tier 05

Don’t get lost! The Tier 05 experience crosses a threshold, moving from galleries built for individuals to immense spaces built for businesses. A two-story structure with significant capacity to showcase major collections, small and medium-sized businesses may take comfort in the grandiose rooms and hallways of Tier 05.

Tier 06
3,200 sq m (~34,400 sq ft)

Tier 06

Tier 06 presents an exquisite space on par with sizable, finely furnished art warehouses, where visitors may roam from room to room. This expansive two-story venue hosts a variety of immersive experiences, delighting guests around every corner. The astonishing Tier 06 design is well-suited for medium-sized businesses and distinguished artists desiring to display several collections under one roof.

Tier 06 is not yet released.
Contact Moduluc to learn more at [email protected]

Tier 07
6,400 sq m (~69,000 sq ft)

Tier 07

Crystal clear reflections, glares and shines bouncing off rippling waters and glass walls, Tier 07 is a digital wonderland capable of taking the presentation of fine art to new heights. Large companies in the business of hosting private events and art exhibitions may do well within this magnificent three-story structure.

Tier 07 is not yet released.
Contact Moduluc to learn more at [email protected]

Tier 08
12,800 sq m (~138,000 sq ft)

Tier 08

At Moduluc, our engineering and design teams created Tier 08, 09, and 10 in order to serve as long-term store of value assets. Tier 08 is an incredible property that will be primarily of service to large event, art, and interior design companies, as well as museums. Tier 08, 09, and 10 collectively forms the AiriA Masterpiece Collection. Tier 08 is the smallest of the trio, but still a massive property filled with sensational experiences in every room and hallway.

Tier 08 is not yet released.
Contact Moduluc to learn more at [email protected]

Tier 09
25,600 sq m (~275,000 sq ft)

Tier 09

Tier 09 presents the second property within the AiriA Masterpiece Collection. An extraordinary four-story venue, Tier 09 brings before our eyes an unimaginable formation. Between basement car garage and rooftop terrace, this spectacular structure is brimming with unique environments, vibrant gardens, a light breeze along the surface of corridor waterways, swaying trees and much more. A truly breathtaking property.

Tier 09 is not yet released.
Contact Moduluc to learn more at [email protected]

Tier 10
51,200 sq m (~551,000 sq ft)

Tier 10

Of comparable breadth to the Louvre Museum in Paris, Tier 10 delivers an experience that is simply world-class. Tier 10 offers the world’s largest brands, Fortune 500 companies, museums, family offices, auction houses, and celebrity artists the opportunity to own the single most awe-inspiring digital real estate in the world.

Upgrade from Tier 01 to Tier 10.


AiriA was designed in order to be a fully customizable, social software application for communities to strengthen their brand.

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Welcome to AiriA.

Learn how the AiriA ecosystem works.

The scarcity of AiriA galleries is ensured via an on-chain, NFT-based ownership model that is public and transparent to everyone, everywhere. AiriA galleries can be upgraded to higher tiers via AUS. The Moduluc ecosystem token, MODUL, is required in order to upgrade between tiers. MODUL can be accessed here.

In regard to AiriA for communities, brands, and art businesses, there will be five hundred Tier 7 galleries at 6,400 sqm (~69,000 sq ft), three hundred Tier 8 galleries at 12,800 sqm (~138,000 sq ft), two hundred Tier 9 galleries at 25,600 sqm (~275,000 sq ft), and one hundred Tier 10 galleries at 51,200 sqm (~551,000 sq ft).

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